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Based on a recommendation of the National
Transportation Safety Board, terrain has been added to
the Enroute Area Charts to increase pilots' situational
awareness of terrain in the terminal area and to
increase the safety of flight. The following Area Charts
are affected: Anchorage, Denver, Detroit, Fairbanks,
Juneau, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Prudhoe Bay, San
Francisco, Vancouver and Washington.

When terrain rises at least a 1,000 feet above
the primary airports' elevation, terrain is charted using
shades of brown with brown contour lines and values.
The initial contour will be 1,000 or 2,000 feet above the
airports' elevation. Subsequent intervals will be 2,000
or 3,000 foot increments.

Contours are supplemented with a representative
number of spots elevations and are shown in solid
black. The highest elevation on an Area Chart is shown
with a larger spot and text.

Any uncontrolled airspace boundaries will be
depicted with a .012" brown line and a .060" screen
brown band on the uncontrolled side.

The following boxed notes are added to affected
Area Charts as necessary:




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