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Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Weight and Balance
Determining Loaded Weight and CG

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Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge



Table of Contents

Chapter 1, Introduction To Flying
Chapter 2, Aircraft Structure
Chapter 3, Principles of Flight
Chapter 4, Aerodynamics of Flight
Chapter 5, Flight Controls
Chapter 6, Aircraft Systems
Chapter 7, Flight Instruments
Chapter 8, Flight Manuals and Other Documents
Chapter 9, Weight and Balance
Chapter 10, Aircraft Performance
Chapter 11, Weather Theory
Chapter 12, Aviation Weather Services
Chapter 13, Airport Operation
Chapter 14, Airspace
Chapter 15, Navigation
Chapter 16, Aeromedical Factors
Chapter 17, Aeronautical Decision Making




The same steps should be followed as in the computational
method except the graphs provided will calculate the
moments and allow the pilot to determine if the aircraft is
loaded within limits. To determine the moment using the
loading graph, find the weight and draw a line straight across
until it intercepts the item for which the moment is to be
calculated. Then draw a line straight down to determine the
moment. (The red line on the loading graph represents the
moment for the pilot and front passenger. All other moments
were determined in the same way.) Once this has been done
for each item, total the weight and moments and draw a line
for both weight and moment on the CG envelope graph. If
the lines intersect within the envelope, the aircraft is loaded
within limits. In this sample loading problem, the aircraft is
loaded within limits.

Table Method
The table method applies the same principles as the
computational and graph methods. The information
and limitations are contained in tables provided by the
manufacturer. Figure 9-9 is an example of a table and a
weight and balance calculation based on that table. In this
problem, the total weight of 2,799 pounds and moment of
2,278/100 are within the limits of the table.

Loading schedule placard.
Figure 9-9. Loading schedule placard.