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Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Airport Operations

Airport Lighting

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Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge



Table of Contents

Chapter 1, Introduction To Flying
Chapter 2, Aircraft Structure
Chapter 3, Principles of Flight
Chapter 4, Aerodynamics of Flight
Chapter 5, Flight Controls
Chapter 6, Aircraft Systems
Chapter 7, Flight Instruments
Chapter 8, Flight Manuals and Other Documents
Chapter 9, Weight and Balance
Chapter 10, Aircraft Performance
Chapter 11, Weather Theory
Chapter 12, Aviation Weather Services
Chapter 13, Airport Operation
Chapter 14, Airspace
Chapter 15, Navigation
Chapter 16, Aeromedical Factors
Chapter 17, Aeronautical Decision Making




Precision approach path indicator.
Figure 13-8. Precision approach path indicator.

The useful range of the system is about four miles during the
day and up to ten miles at night. [Figure 13-10]

Runway Lighting
There are various lights that identify parts of the runway
complex. These assist a pilot in safely making a takeoff or
landing during night operations.

Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL)
Runway end identifier lights (REIL) are installed at many
airfields to provide rapid and positive identification of the
approach end of a particular runway. The system consists
of a pair of synchronized flashing lights located laterally
on each side of the runway threshold. REILs may be either
omnidirectional or unidirectional facing the approach area.

Runway Edge Lights
Runway edge lights are used to outline the edges of runways
at night or during low visibility conditions. These lights
are classified according to the intensity they are capable of
producing: high intensity runway lights (HIRL), medium
intensity runway lights (MIRL), and low intensity runway
lights (LIRL). The HIRL and MIRL have variable intensity
settings. These lights are white, except on instrument runways
where amber lights are used on the last 2,000 feet or half the
length of the runway, whichever is less. The lights marking
the end of the runway are red.

 Tri-color visual approach slope indicator.
Figure 13-9. Tri-color visual approach slope indicator.

Pulsating visual approach slope indicator.
Figure 13-10. Pulsating visual approach slope indicator.