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Instrument Flying Handbook
Record of Changes

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Instrument Flying


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Human Factors
Chapter 2. Aerodynamic Factors
Chapter 3. Flight Instruments
Chapter 4. Section I
Airplane Attitude Instrument
Using Analog Instrumentation
Chapter 4. Section II
Airplane Attitude Instrument
Using an Electronic Flight

Chapter 5. Section I
Airplane Basic
Flight Maneuvers
Using Analog Instrumentation
Chapter 5. Section II
Airplane Basic
Flight Maneuvers
Using an Electronic Flight

Chapter 6. Helicopter
Attitude Instrument Flying

Chapter 7. Navigation Systems
Chapter 8. The National
Airspace System

Chapter 9. The Air Traffic
Control System

Chapter 10. IFR Flight
Chapter 11. Emergency

Record of Changes

The following editorial changes were made in 2008 that supersede the 2007 publication of FAA-H-808 1-1 5A, Instrument
Flying Handbook:

Page 2-2, corrections made to Figure 2-1. The Airfoil.

Page 2-3, correction to paragraph concerning induced drag.

Page 2-7, corrections made to Figure 2-8. Thrust and Power Required Curves,

Page 2-11, correction to paragraph concerning the coordination of rudder and aileron controls.

Page 2-12, correction to Figure 2-15. Adverse Yaw.

Page 3-4, correction to Figure 3-3. Sensitive Altimeter Components.

Page 3-5, correction to Figure 3-6. The loss of altitude experienced when flying into an area where the air is colder (more
dense) than standard.

Page 4-2, correction to Figure 4-I. Control instruments,

Page 4-3, correction to Figure 4-2, Performance Instruments.

Page 4-18, correction to Figure 4-25. Control Instruments.

Page 6-1 1, correction to Figure 6-12. Flight instrument indications in a stabilized constant-airspeed climb.

Page 6-12, correction to Figure 6-13. Flight Instrument Indications in a Stabilized Constant-Rate climb.

Page 7-7, correction to Figure 7-7, AUF Tracking Inbound.

Page 7-9, corrections made to Figure 7-8. ADF Interception and Tracking Outbound.

Page 7-13, correction made to Figure 7-15. CDI Interpretation.

Page 7-15, correction made to Figure 7-16. Course Interception (VOR).

Page 7-18, correction made to Figure 7-18. Using DM13 and RMI to Maintain an Arc.

Page 7-27, correction made to paragraph concerning OPS Components.

Page 7-41, corrections made to Figure 7-37. Precision and Nonprecision ALS Configuration.

Page 10-12, correction on made to paragraph concerning a parallel procedure.